1. As a very generous company president, Mr. Jefferson will ---------------- his own surplus to ensure his employees get a holiday bonus.
2. Since the police officers couldn’t find any --------------- signs of entry into the apartment, they concluded that the burglar was someone close to the family.
3. Fortunately, the volcano is ------------- right now; you do not have to be worried about its eruption.
4. The --------------- assortment of dissimilar types of flowers had created an amazingly beautiful bouquet.
5. I’ve recently installed an amazing application on my phone that would --------------- faces in amusing ways.
6. --------------- are things such as shopping centers or sports facilities that are provided for people's convenience, enjoyment, or comfort.
7. The novelist hoped the sequel to her bestseller would --------------- her fans’ fervent desires for more of the main character’s life.
8. Since the heart surgeon had to make life-saving decisions on every surgical operation he had to perform, he was very --------------- about his work.
9. Whenever Jenny gets in trouble with her strict parents, she will -------------- a rambling tale to justify her unacceptable behavior.
10. If you describe something as ---------------, you disapprove of it because you think it is very unusual, strange, or unreasonable.
11. The truck was stuck in a very ---------------- position, with its front wheels hanging over the towering cliff.
12. Surrounded by a spectacular waterfall and brilliantly-colored flowers, how could one feel anything but ---------------- in this heavenly place?
13. Being obliged to cram more than 200 new words for my vocabulary test puts me in a/an -------------- mood, but I am determined to succeed.
14. Since our country’s economy is so poor, jobless workers will more than likely --------------- the government with demands for financial assistance.
15. If someone ----------------- a particular feeling, attitude, or physical condition, they try to make other people think that they have it or are experiencing it, although this is not true.
16. We couldn't afford buying that brand-new car, yet we're ----------------- well-to-do.
17. Never have I been good with math; I find it quite challenging to ---------------- most of the geometry’s hard-to-grasp formulas.
18. Since Melanie’s knowledge of German is ---------------, she will make use of the services of a translator during her business trip to Hamburg.
19. When a government or authority -------------- a proposal, they make it into a law.
20. Undoubtedly the most deleterious consequences of wanton violence are the ---------------- injuries or deaths of innocent bystanders.