1. Describes something unpleasant that is sudden and unexpected; unanticipated
2. To improve the quality of something by adding something else; enhance, refine
3. To recognize and notice the differences between two things; differentiate, discern
4. Having or showing more than one possible meaning, often intentionally; vague
5. To catch someone’s interest by being strange and mysterious; fascinate, attract
6. A feeling of being worried and anxious; concern, apprehension
7. To explain in details and clarify what you have already said; unfold
8. Describes something basic, simple and not well-developed; fundamental
9. To emphasize on the importance of something or to make it more noticeable; highlight
10. The act of reducing the amount of something or the number of things; decrease
11. Very noticeable and easy to see often due to being unusual or different; obvious
12. The process of making something less pure or poisonous; pollution
13. Likely to change or become dangerous and harmful without any warning; perilous
14. To refuse to obey a law, a situation or a person; rebel, disobey
15. Average or even below average in quality, achievement or ability; undistinguished
16. Very clever and quick in taking advantages of different situations; perceptive
17. The best and the most successful point of a person’s life; apex, climax
18. To obey the rules and behave according to standards; accord
19. To suddenly and mysteriously disappear; fade
20. Something that exists and can be seen, felt etc. but its existence is often in question