1. In order for Mathew to -------------- any severe kind of allergic reaction, he always used to carry injectable epinephrine.
2. Next month, William’s twelve years of full-time academic studies will ---------------- in his doctoral graduation ceremony.
3. The international economic recession will certainly cause --------------- times for families who are already struggling mightily to pay their bills.
4. The most -------------- laws in the world are useless unless there is the strong will to enforce them rigorously.
5. If you ---------------- pain, suffering, or an unpleasant condition, you make it less intense or severe.
6. When I am utterly exhausted after grueling work, nothing can --------------- me more than a hot shower.
7. Police officers were instantly dispatched to ---------------- the smuggler’s car before it had a chance to drive over the Mexican border.
8. As the director of the company, Donald generally tries to maintain his prime focus on the major issues and passes the more ---------------- matters to his vice-presidents.
9. Unfortunately, to most teenagers, their Tablets and Smart Phones are ----------------- to their contentment and happiness.
10. If you are ---------------- something or someone, you are very likely to be influenced by them.
11. After the famous celebrity discovered that the magazine editor in chief was trying to --------------- her as an uncaring mother, she sued him for slander.
12. When both parents are away from home, their first daughter Emily has the --------------- to supervise the rest of the family.
13. Having got only a/an -------------- amount of hair on his semi-bald head, Mr. Jacobson decided to shave his head completely.
14. The detective’s comprehensive report ---------------- almost every event that had occurred before, during, and after the gunfire incident.
15. If something such as a building or a piece of scenery has ----------------, it is impressive because of its size, its beauty, or its power.
16. Because Patrick consumed alcohol quite excessively for many years, his liver started to --------------- before he reached the age of fifty.
17. Since there was a huge --------------- between the results of the first and second experiment, the laboratory team had to conduct a third test.
18. The ---------------- firemen refused to stop working diligently until they terminated the spread of the forest fire completely.
19. As a billionaire businessman, Mr. Robinson’s ----------------- includes restaurants, convenience stores, and a chain of hotels.
20. If something is ----------------, you must do it or accept it, because it is the law or because someone in a position of authority says you must.