1. To stop and catch someone or something before they reach to their destination; obstruct
2. The act of collecting something more and more over a period of time; gathering
3. To make a liquid weaker by adding water or mixing it with another liquid; weaken
4. To expect the happening of something in future; foresee, prevision
5. Extremely important and necessary because of having major effects on results; essential
6. The main office of an organization such as a business company or police; base
7. Not willing or eager to do something and therefore slow to do it; grudging, loath
8. To write or cut words on something especially as a record of an achievement; engrave
9. To come out of something or appear from behind of something; come up, spring up
10. To make something seem more important, larger or worse than it really is; overstate
11. The mental process by which one understands and recognizes something; comprehension
12. Continuing for only a short period of time; brief, quick
13. Someone who is very excited and interested in what they are doing; fan, devotee
14. To cause something to be needed or to make something necessary; require
15. A person that you have met but you do not know well; companion
16. To criticize someone strongly and say unpleasant things in order to ruin their reputation; defame
17. To completely destroy or get rid of something bad; abolish, exterminate
18. Reminding you of a particular person or experience in your past; evocative
19. To be severely angry but not expressing the reason; rage
20. Enough and satisfactory for a particular reason; reasonable