1. The young prince became king after his father decided to ---------------- the royal throne.
2. If Malcolm Smith wants to win the presidential election, he will have to --------------- the voters he infuriated during last week’s televised debate.
3. As the teacher gave instructions, he was cautious to --------------- each step of the complicated process so his young apprentices would not be confused.
4. Even though Michelle was desperately worried about dancing in her first performance, she executed her steps with remarkable --------------- and received a standing ovation from the audience.
5. If you -------------- someone, you show them pity or sympathy when something unpleasant has happened to them.
6. If Jenny realizes that a film contains ----------------- violence, sex scenes, or vulgar language, she won’t allow her daughters to watch it.
7. The audience began leaving the auditorium when the lecturer started to ---------------- in a tone that implied they were stupid.
8. After eating two succulent steak dinners, Mr. Kennedy had the --------------- to tell the waitress he was flat broke.
9. All the dressing room doors should be completely --------------- so that the privacy of those who are trying on clothes will be safeguarded.
10. The ----------------- of a decision, plan, or event are all its consequences and effects, especially ones which are not obvious at first.
11. Before Adam’s conservative mother brings an illustrated magazine into their home, she makes sure to ---------------- it completely by tearing out the offensive pages.
12. There is only a/an ---------------- degree of difference between the identical twins that sometimes even their parents have a hard time telling them apart.
13. The professor’s mind-numbingly tedious speech was so ---------------- that had almost everyone in the audience yawning.
14. Over time, the hopeless conscripted soldiers became more and more ---------------- and refused to follow orders.
15. A/An ---------------- action or quality shows someone's lack of concern about something which they might be expected to take more seriously.
16. When the experienced doctor asked Jacob to describe his most recurrent symptoms, his main complaint was ---------------- since he had very little energy.
17. Owing to Sarah’s ---------------- humanitarian efforts, the AIDS local charity was able to raise over a million dollars for a specialized clinic.
18. Even for her young age, Mandy is deemed a mischievously --------------- child who shows no degree of self-restraint nor a sense of order.
19. A ---------------- voice or piece of music is smooth and gentle and very pleasant to listen to.
20. My mother does forbid us to use a microwave because she firmly believes the radiation could be extremely ---------------- to our health.