1. To stop controlling and managing something that you are in charge of; relinquish, concede
2. To surround or lay siege to a place or a group of people; blockade, besiege
3. Looking very thin, pale and ill, somewhat resembling a corpse; pallid, wan
4. The act of chewing food; chomp, gnaw
5. Too keen to praise or obey someone, in a way that does not seem sincere; subservient
6. The fact of seeing two things side by side while having contrasting effects; comparison
7. To pronounce words or parts of words clearly so that it is understandable; utter
8. (Of something such as a bad behavior), done or shown without any good reason; unjustified, unnecessary
9. To officially make an agreement by signing it or accepting it; sustain, validate
10. Describes someone who tends to talk a lot; talkative, garrulous
11. Physical or mental weariness and lack of energy; lethargy, fatigue
12. A deep fissure in the earth, rock or another surface; gap, abyss
13. Disapproving or suggesting that something is not good or is of no importance; contemptuous
14. To destroy completely so that nothing is left; obliterate, demolish
15. Great enthusiasm, eagerness and energy for something; vigor, spark
16. To restrict something such as power, rights, or opportunities with limits; confine
17. Having or seeming to have unlimited knowledge about everything; all-wise
18. To express sympathy to someone about some bad luck; rue
19. The position of being the strongest in order to rule others (especially of countries); dominance
20. Slightly related to what you are doing, discussing, or thinking about; digressive