1- ‘Theatre of cruelty’, a term introduced by the French actor Antonin Artaud in a series of manifestos in the 1930s, ---------------------.
2- The term ‘surfiction’, coined in 1973 by the American writer Raymond Federman, would best designate a kind of fiction in which -------------------.
3- ‘Perlocutionary act’, a term used in speech act theory, refers to an utterance that -------------------.
4- ‘Analysis’ and ‘prolepsis’ are specifically two basic forms of --------------------.
5- ‘Caesura’, a pause in a line of verse, often coinciding with a break between clauses or sentences, ---------------------.
6- Typical ---------------- involves the unveiling of a disguised character or the reappearance of one assumed by the audience to be dead.
7- ‘Hyperbaton’ is a very common form of -------------------, of which --------------------- affords many spectacular examples.
8- Which of the following about a ‘madrigal’ is TRUE?
9- ‘New Comply’, as (eventually) applied to the comic theatre of, for instance, the 17th century playwright Moliere, --------------------.
10- The term ‘strophe’ is applied in a special sense to --------------------.
11- John Dryden's An Essay of Dramatic Poesy (1668; rev. 1684) best treats, through his four speakers, the ------------------.
12- Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768-1834) maintained that we had no way of knowing a text creator’s purpose other than through ‘reconstruction’ and outlined several types of positive hermeneutical reconstruction ------------------.
13- In what they practiced as ‘critical theory’, major thinkers of the Frankfurt School --------------------.
14- Which of the following about Louis Althusser, the French Marxist philosopher who has had a major influence on Marxist literary theory, is TRUE?
15- The key to understanding postmodernist thinker Jean Baudrillard’s thought is his ---------------------.
16- Major twentieth-century ‘critic / theorist; work’ match in --------------------.
17- Which of the following central figures in French structuralism would, following Aristotle’s view of plot as the prime category of tragedy, take plot as the central abstract structure of narrative in his / her development of narratology?
18- The Indian-American critic Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak ----------------------.
19- As a literary critical school, New Historicism begins its quest to be political by denying that --------------------.
20- Which of the following works opens with the famous exhortation ‘Always historicize!’ thus effectively setting out the methodological approach called ‘metacommentary’ and providing a theoretically sophisticated answer to the perennial question of the relation of aesthetics to social history?
21- Medieval dramas known as the morality plays ------------------.
22- Which of the following about John Donne's ‘Satire 3’ opening with ‘Kind pity chokes my spleen; brave scorn forbids / Those tears to issue which swell my eyelids’ is TRUE?
23- The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) ---------------------.
24- Jonathan Swift’s The Drapier’s Letters (1724) was ---------------.
25- Which of the fallowing statements about William Godwin's Enquiry Concerning Political Justice (1793) is correct?
26- Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790) ------------------.
27- A chance discovery of a seventeenth-century manuscript in which a number of ballads had been copied down led to the three-volume ballad collection -------------------.
28- William Blake’s An Island in the Moon (1784-5) is ------------------.
29- The Romantic figure ------------------ excelled as a songwriter both in standard English (as in “Up! quit thy bower”) and in the Scottish dialect (as in “Woo’d and married”).
30- Wordsworth and Coleridge's landmark Lyrical Ballads appeared in 1798 along with -------------------.
31- The novel written (roughly) in the Romantic period ----------------- has as its hero / heroine a ‘natural’ man, a primitive who is brought up by American Indians without the constrictions of civilized religion, morality, and ethics.
32- The following events, important as part of context material for the Romantic period, occurred in three consecutive years in ------------------.
33- The Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861) --------------------.
34- Idylls of the King, a series of 12 connected poems by Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892), --------------------.
35- The Victorian light verse as reprinted by W.S. Gilbert (1836-1911) -----------------.
36- ‘Victorian figure / work’ are both correct in -----------------.
37- Which of the following statements about Samuel Beckett (1906-89) is TRUE?
38- The description -------------------- matches the contemporary British poet and playwright Carol Ann Duffy (b. 1955).
39- The British Poet C. Day-Lewis (1904-1972) -----------------.
40- Samuel Beckett’s one foray into the cinéma, Film (1964) was -------------------.
41- The poem -------------------- is a personal testament or book of worship, antiphonally arranged in lines beginning alternately with Let and For, seeks to join the material and spiritual universes in one unending prayer.
42- Which of the following about James Thomson’s (1700-1748) The Seasons is correct?
43- The poems ------------------ ALL appeared in William Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads (1800).
44- ‘Victorian poet: poem’ match in -------------------.
45- The poem ‘Invictus’ opening ‘Out of the night that covers me / Black as the Pit from pole to pole / I thank whatever gods may be / For my unconquerable soul’ is by the Victorian poet ------------------.
46- The following poems fry W. B. Yeats (1856-1939) appeared in the correct order in -------------------.
47- T. S. Eliot’s poem ‘East Coker’ in his Four Quartets (1943) opens with ---------------.
48- Which of the following about the poetry of Philip Larkin (1922-1985) is correct?
49- Seamus Heaney’s ‘Punishment’ (1975) opens with -------------------.
50- Which of the following statements about the Scottish novelist Tobias Smollett (1721-1771) / work by him is correct?
51- George Eliot’s Adam Bede (1859) opens with -----------------.
52- Which of the following about Anne Bronte / her work is correct?
53- Thomas Hardy’s use of ‘dialect’ for his characters in his fiction was -----------------.
54- Arguably one of the most innovative mid successful exponents of the ‘conversational or dialogue novel’, Ivy Compton-Burnett (1884-1969) ------------------.
55- Several writers in English have followed the French writer Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past in writing multi-novel sequences, a prime example being ----------------- which consists of eleven novels.
56- ‘Novelist: description’ match in ------------------.
57- Which of the following set of characters in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar are among the conspirators against Caesar?
58- The prologue of William Congreve’s comedy The Way of the World (1700) ‘Spoken by Mr. Betterton’ opens with -----------------.
59- Which of the following three are entirely made up of D.H Lawrence’s plays working class life?
60- John Osborne’s hero, Jimmy Porter, in his Look Back in Anger (1956) -----------------.