1- ‘Fabian society’, a society founded in 1884 by a group of English intellectuals, -----------------.
2- The contemporary school of American poets ‘language poets’ ------------------.
3- Which of the following about the stock character in classical drama ‘the eiron’ is NOT true?
4- All the following about the term ‘vaudeville’ are true EXCEPT that -----------------.
5- A(n) ------------------ is a pictorial and poetic device containing a motto, an engraving that symbolically depicts the motto, and a short verse that comments on the motto and the engraving.
6- The term ‘well-made play’ refers to a play ----------------.
7- The poem termed ‘complaint’ was ------------------.
8- ‘City comedy’ or ‘citizen comedy’ is a kind of comic drama produced in the London theatres of the ------------------, characterized by its contemporary urban subject-matter and its, --------------------- portrayal of ---------------------- life and manners.
9- A doggerel is clumsy verse, usually ------------------ rhymed, rhythmically -----------------, -------------------.
10- Which of the following about the Roman critic Horace (65-8 B.C.E.) / his Ars Poetica is NOT true?
11- To the French critic Hippolyte Taine (1828-1893) ------------------.
12- All the following statements about the cotemporary French literary theorist Julia Kristeva (b. 1941) / her work is true EXCEPT that she ----------------.
13- The French literary theorist Roland Barthes (1915-1980) posits the idea that -----------------.
14- Homi K. Bhabha’s (b. 1949) mode of post-colonial criticism -------------------.
15- The Hungarian theorist Georg Lukacs (1885-1971) posits that ------------------.
16- According to the French theorist Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) ------------------.
17- Hans Robert Jauss (1921-1997), the German exponent of ‘reception’ theory (Rezeptioitasthetik), ----------------------.
18- Which of the following statements about the English critic Raymond Williams / his thought and work (1921-1988) is TRUE?
19- In his Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (1991), the American Marxist theorist Fredric Jameson ------------------.
20- The French poststructuralist critic Michel Foucault (1926-1984) -------------------.
21- Pre- Renaissance ‘author: work’ do NOT match in -----------------.
22- Julian Norwich's (1342-1416) A Book of Showings was --------------------.
23- Which of the following descriptions is related to the Renaissance figure John Skelton (1460- 1529)?
24- One of the great and influential books of the Renaissance, II Cortegiano (The Courtier) (1530-1566), translated by the humanist and diplomat Sir Thomas Hoby and published in 1561, describes ------------------- in the years 1504-08 the qualities of the ideal courtier.
25- Which of the following statements is NOT related to a description of the late sixteenth century figure Michael Drayton (1563-1631)?
26- Ben Jonson’s Timber, or Discoveries— ‘the most important English commentary on poetics between Sidney and Thomas Hobbes’ — (posthumously published 1640-41) would draw upon all the following EXCEPT -------------------.
27- Compared to his contemporary Michel de Montaigne's essays, Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) in his essays -----------------.
28- The correct order of the appearance of 18th c. texts is ---------------------.
29- Events in the 18th c. happened in the correct order in -------------------.
30- All the following about John Dryden’s All for Love (1677) is true EXCEPT that it is --------------------.
31- Which of the following statements about the 1730s Alexander Pope is TRUE?
32- Samuel Johnson's periodical the Rambler (1750-52) was ------------------.
33- William Blake (1757-1827) wrote The French Revolution, America: A Prophecy, Europe: A Prophecy, and the trenchant prophetic satire The Marriage of Heaven and Hell ------------------.
34- Which of the following essays is NOT by the Romantic essayist Charles Lamb (1775-1834)?
35- Lord Byron’s conventional volume of poetry Hours of Idleness (1807) was so harshly treated by the ----------------- that he was provoked to write in reply his first important poem English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, a vigorous satire in which he incorporated brilliant ridicule of important contemporaries, including ----------------------.
36- Victorian ‘author: work’ match in --------------------.
37- Which of the following two Victorian works draw upon the same subject matter for their creation, albeit in different fashions?
38- Which of the following about the South African writer Nadine Gordimer (1923-2014) is NOT true?
39- ‘Modernist manifestos’ in the early 20th c. takes on the different forms mentioned below EXCEPT that some are -----------------.
40- The seminal 20th century texts below appeared in the correct under in -------------------.
41- A well-known poem by John Donne's (1572-1631) opens with the lines ----------------.
42- Which of the following statements about John Milton's II Penseroso (1645) is NOT true?
43- The lines ‘Ye distant spires, ye antique towers, / That crown the watery glade, / Where grateful Science still adores / Her Henry’s holy shade; / And ye, that from the stately brow / Of Windsor’s heights the expanse below / Of grove, of lawn, of mead survey, / Whose turf, whose shade, whose flowers among / Wanders the hoary Thames along / His silver-winding way’ open an 18th c. poem by ----------------.
44- John Keats's Endymion: A Poetic Romance (1818) ------------------.
45- Robert Browning’s Fra Lippo Lippi (1855) -------------------.
46- ‘First World War poet: poem’ match in -------------------.
47- Which of the following does NOT open a poem by Philip Larkin (1922-1985)?
48- Ann Carson’s (b. 1950) poem ‘The Glass Essay’ --------------------.
49- The set of characters -------------------- appear in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, or What You Will (written circa 1601).
50- ‘Character: character description’ in William Congreves Restoration comedy The Way of the World (premiered 1700) do NOT match in ------------------.
51- Which of the following sets of plays are made exclusively of George Bernard Shaw’s (1856-1950) ‘Plays Pleasant’ (1898)?
52- ‘Twentieth century playwright: play’ do NOT correspond in -------------------.
53- ‘Character / character description’ in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) is correct in -------------------.
54- Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd (1874) opens with -------------------.
55- ‘Novelist: novel’ do NOT correspond in --------------------.
56- Alice Munro’s Lives of Girls and Women (1971) is a --------------------------.
57- John Fowles’ The Magus (1965) is --------------------.
58- The novelist J. M. Coetzee’s (h. 1940) most compelling indictment of colonialism ----------------- takes its title and theme from ------------------.
59- V. S. Naipul (b. 1932) ‘work: work description’ match in ----------------.
60- Which of the following about the novelist Jean Rhys (1890-1979) is NOT true?