1- Which of the following statements about the term ‘actant’, as developed in the narratology of A. J. Greimas is TRUE?
2- In the eighteenth century, a number of poets wrote georgics (on the model of Virgil) describing in verse -----------------.
3- As a supplement to perfect rhyme, ‘slant rhyme’ or ‘pararhyme’ -----------------.
4- Chronicle Plays, dramatic works based on the historical materials in the English Chronicles by Raphael Holinshed and others, ------------------.
5- The character ‘Vice’ in ---------------- is regarded by some literary historians as a precursor of such figures in Elizabethan drama as ---------------.
6- Richard Crashaw’s description, in his mid-seventeenth-century poem “Saint Mary Magdalene,” of the tearful eyes of the repentant Magdalene as ‘two faithful fountains / Two walking baths, two weeping motions, / Portable and compendious oceans’ best typifies a(n) ----------------.
7- As a form of burlesque ‘lampoon’ -----------------.
8- In discussions of ‘ecriture’, ‘recuperation’ ----------------.
9- The term ‘thick description’, as developed by Clifford Geertz, originally evolved in the discipline of ------------------.
10- The term ‘new pragmatism’ basically concerns ------------------.
11- Which of the following on Aristotle / his Poetics is NOT TRUE?
12- The Russian literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin (1895-1975) believes that in a ‘polyphonic’ novel the ------------------.
13- ‘The Fugitives’, a 1920s group that believed in and practiced similar approaches to a text, had strong critical affinities with the later-formed -----------------.
14- In Wolfgang Iser’s brand of reader-oriented criticism -----------------.
15- In Hans Robert Jauss’ conception of reception theory, ------------------.
16- Structuralism maintains that literary meaning can only be found by / through ----------------.
17- A deconstructor begins textual analysis by assuming that a text (the text’s) ---------------------.
18- Freud’s Dynamic Model of the human psyche would posit that ------------------.
19- The American critic Fredric Jameson asserts that when analyzing a text, critics should possess ‘dialectical self-awareness’: they must -----------------.
20- The Cultural Poetics approach to textual analysis -------------------.
21- The 15th c. figure Sir Thomas Malory (d. 1471) was ----------------.
22- The 16th c. Book of Homilies -----------------.
23- Elizabethan poet / poem DO NOT match in ------------------.
24- Early 17th c. literature events occurred in the correct order in ------------------.
25- Which of the following about John Donne’s verse satires is TRUE?
26- Sir Francis Bacon’s The New Atlantis -----------------.
27- Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy ------------------.
28- Daniel Defoe’s Roxana, or The Fortunate Mistress is ------------------.
29- Eighteenth century figure / work do NOT MATCH in ------------------.
30- The ballads in Walter Scott’s Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border (1802—03) were ----------------.
31- Which of the following about Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) is TRUE?
32- Byron’s poem ‘Beppo’, written in Venice, ------------------.
33- John Keats’s Eve of St Agnes -----------------.
34- Which of the following about the British historical novel is TRUE?
35- The ‘Time of Troubles’ in the Victorian period, which left its mark on the early Victorian literature, refers to ------------------.
36- Which of the following works does NOT typify the influence of the ‘utilitarian spirit’ prevalent in the Victorian age?
37- In his essay ‘Romanticism and Classicism’, the English poet, philosopher, and critic T. E. Hulme (1883-1917) ----------------.
38- As a term applied to English cultural history, Edwardian suggests a period in which -----------------.
39- Which is the correct order of texts in the twentieth century?
40- An important feature of the 1930s English literature is that ------------------.
41- Which of the following about William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello (written between 1602 to 1604) is NOT TRUE?
42- Combining elements of Spanish intrigue comedy and fast-moving farce, the Restoration comedy ---------------- shows the exploits of two English cavaliers, Wildblood and Bellamy, in Madrid at carnival time.
43- Which of the following is NOT a character in Oliver Goldsmith’s comedy She Stoops to Conquer, or The Mistakes of a Night (produced 1773)?
44- The term ---------------- has been used by the twentieth century playwright Howard Barker to describe his own brand of theatre.
45- Edward Bond’s 1965 play Saved ----------------.
46- Which of the following plays written (in 1987) largely in rhyming verse opens with a short satirical extract from a 1693 comedy by Thomas Shadwell?
47- ‘Novel / character / character description’ from works by George Eliot (1819-80) match in ---------------.
48- Joseph Conrad's Nostromo (1904) opens with ----------------.
49- Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse (1927) is written in three sections, the section second of which, ----------------.
50- Henry James (1843-1916) ‘novel / novel characters’ DO NOT match in -----------------.
51- Which of the following about Samuel Beckett Murphy (1938) is NOT TRUE?
52- ‘Novelist / novel’ match in -----------------.
53- Which of the following about John Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667) is TRUE?
54- William Blake’s 'The Book of Thel' (1791) opens with Thel’s Motto -----------------.
55- The Romantic poet Lord Byron was not particularly influenced—as ‘a recognizable antecedent’— by --------------- in his composition of Don Juan.
56- Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott (1832) opens with -----------------.
57- ‘Poet /poem’ DO NOT match in -----------------.
58- Which of the following about the poet W. H. Auden (1907-1973) is NOT TRUE?
59- The Scottish poet Hugh MacDiramid (1892-1978) -----------------.
60- Which of the following poets / group of poets can be seen as an antecedent / an influence upon the Movement poet Philip Larkin (1922-1985).