PART B: Fill in the Blanks
Directions: Choose the word (1), (2), (3), or (4) that best completes each sentence.
Then mark the correct choice next to each answer.

1. The main part of the hospital is pretty ---------- but the children's ward is really lively.
2. Sue let out a terrific ---------- and leapt out of the way.
3. A snowstorm hit the West today, bringing with it ---------- temperatures.
4. With the promise of a raise in pay, my boss tried to ---------- me to stay on in the job.
5. There was something sinister about him that she found disturbing. “Sinister” means ----------.
6. If you ---------- a piece of information or a feeling, you do not let other people know about it.
7. A ---------- is a dead body, especially the body of a human being.
8. The ---------- of a particular activity or course of action are the dangers or problems it may involve.
9. If a part of your body is ----------, you cannot feel anything there.
10. If a place or region is ---------- by a group of people or a species of animal, those people or animals live there.