PART A: Synonym and Definition
Directions: Choose the word (1), (2), (3), or (4) that is closest in meaning to each question.
Then mark the correct choice next to each answer.

1. to try to persuade; induce or entice, esp. to something immoral or sensually pleasurable
2. to lie or lean back or down
3. weakened in or deprived of the power of feeling or moving; benumbed; deadened; insensible
4. a dead body, especially of a person
5. causing gloom or misery; depressing
6. exposure to harm or injury; danger; jeopardy
7. to put out of sight; hide
8. to dwell or live in (a region, house, etc.); occupy
9. to make a loud, sharp, piercing cry or sound
10. wicked, evil, or dishonest, esp. in some dark, mysterious way