1. Unlike the previous lectures which were so rambling, I found Kate’s speech brief and --------------.
2. A curious reporter ---------------- the Chief Executive: “Mr. Bauer, we know that the lecture was on the topic of sin. What did the minister say?”
3. My father became very ---------------- when a reckless, drunken driver swerved in front of us.
4. As a/an -------------- fan of Real Madrid, I try to see every match that they play.
5. If you say that someone ----------------, you mean that they try to persuade someone to do or give them what they want, for example by saying nice things that they do not mean.
6. Someone's ----------------- is a person who helps them to commit a crime.
7. Since my understanding of calculus is very ----------------, I cannot solve this difficult problem.
8. Joe, the prime suspect of the crime, claims that the police has --------------- evidence against him.
9. I just realized that there was something ------------------ about Jonathan’s behavior and it immediately made me feel suspicious.
10. The watch mechanism is extremely ----------------- and very difficult to repair.